2014 Horse Stance & Push Up Challenges are UNDERWAY!!

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So shortly before the beginning of the year I joined the fitness website Fitocracy and absolutely love the community and fellowship.
Before the first of the year I decided it was time to set up an open fitness challenge for any takers. The challenge is to spend 2014 minutes in Horse Stance during 2014!
You read that right, 2014 minutes. But in reality that breaks down to just over 5-minutes a day of Horse Stance training. Believe me that’s nothing. If you do 1-minute at five different times of the day you have it knocked in short order. The benefits are fantastic for your leg strength, balance and stamina.
On weekends when things are quiet or when I am stationed in Master Control at work I have taken to doing one minute at the top of every hour for the entirety of the shift (10-hours) or the majority of the day. Now on the bottom of the hour I have am fulfilling another challenge from Fitocracy, the 20014 Push ups in 2014 Challenge. Ya’ 20014!
I know that sounds like a lot but it amounts to 55-push ups a day. The challenge isn’t the number it’s the consistency. Doing them every day, without fail, week in and week out. Now that’s the challenge.
If you are looking for a challenge for this year I would recommend both the Horse Stance and Push up challenges. Simply go to Fitocracy and set up a free account. Then in the search bar type in 2014 Horse Stance Challenge!, join the group and then accept the challenge. Do the same thing with the 20014 Push Up challenge and get started on a new you for the new year.

May the Lord bless you and your house hold.
John Roche

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