3000 Rep Fitness Challenge – July

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Well June was a hectic month all the way around. Lots of work and lots of stuff going on with the wife and kids….now that I have set it up and my excuse is firmly in place I can tell you that I fell short of the 3000 Alternating Kettlebell Swings I had set as my goal for June. Life conspired against me, as life usually does and I only managed to knock out 2400 swings. I also missed 4 or 5 of my standard workouts last month.
 So lets start all over with a new month, the nice thing about an new month.
This months 3000 Rep Fitness Challenge is 100 reps per day of Alternating Squat Kicks. These are done simply by squating down until your hands touch the floor and then exploding back up, as you reach the standing position you do a snap or rising front kick, then return to the standing position and repeat. This time as you come up you kick with the other leg.
 It will really make you suck air!

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