Life with a mission

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Ya’ know when you get a new toy………………………..

Earlier this month my wife, Sandy, was at a silent auction and won, for a ridiculously low price, tae kwan do lessons for a month for our sons. They went to their intro class tonight. They are stoked……. it really funny how teaching a kid to tie a belt can be such a great lesson. That is when your not dad. 🙂

I started fleshing out this weeks sermon titled “Life with a mission” today. It’s really sad the number of people who think that their mission in life is to eat pizza and watch football. but more on that later.
Do you have a mission, a purpose, a reason,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what gets you out of bed every day?
is it the need to pay bills, go to school, or do you wake up stoked and ready for the day because you have purpose. You do you know?

I use to get up at 5:40 am every day to go and work out……… I now have a case of leadbutt and cant seem to get up before 7:00……….. OK 7:20 am. I meet with a couple of students over the lunch hour to train…. so I guess that even though I know I have a purpose for being I still don’t believe it enough to change my way of life in order to fulfill that purpose………… how sad is that?

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