9 round card deck tabata routine

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Ya’ I know that’s a lot of words for a title, but,,,,, well you’ll understand in a minute.
As I noted in and earlier entry, I have gone back to using the Tabata protocol for a couple, three days/weeks. I really enjoy it. It is tough but great.
Well I also have a problem with getting bored easily so I came up with a great way to play around with Tabata for each and every routine while using a given set of movements.
To start with you will need a deck of cards. Then assign exercises to different card groups.
Since I want to do ab work with each workout I have assigned the face cards ab movements
King-prone ab bicyclers; Queen-prone leg extensions; Jack-bench crunches; Aces-alternating side crunches. Now the number cards I have broken into 4 groups. Red 1-5 = recumbant bike; Red 6-10 = stepper; Black 1-5 = hack squats; and Black 6-10 = squats to rising knee ups.
Before the workout you draw a Nine card hand, lets say King, 2 of Clubs, 4 of spades, Ace, Ace, 10 of hearts, 2 of spades, Joker, 3 of hearts.
Each card eaquals a 20 second round with a 10 second break to get to the next station and write down the reps completed.
To start the workout do a 5 minute warm up of some sort. I use the recumbant bike usually.
Then do your first round
20 seconds: Prone ab cyclers
10 seconds rest
20 seconds; hack squats
10 seconds rest
20 seconds: hack squats
10 seconds rest
20 seconds: alternating side crunches
10 seconds rest
20 seconds: alternatind side crunches
10 seconds rest
20 seconds: stepper
10 seconds rest
20 seconds: hack squats (AGAIN!!)
10 seconds rest
20 seconds: Joker (joker = whatever exercise you absolutely HATE the most!) BURPEES
10 seconds rest
20 seconds: recumbant bike
5 minutes cooldown (once again I choose the recumbant bike.

Now you can use the same 9 card draw for the entire week or you can draw a new hand before each workout.. which is what I do. You will NEVER get bored. Each month you can change the exercises choose from.
If you are not interested in ab work then choose some other total body stressers or other machine to use.
Try sprint in place, jump rope, grasshoppers, jump squats, treadmill, versaclimber, heavybag work, shadow boxing, mountain climbers, etc………
To help keep track of time, which is vital you can do what I did and download a Tabate timer MP3. I used audacity to add 5 minutes of silence to the beginning for the warmup period and add the extra 20 second set.
I have also used audacity to mix several different soundtracks for the routine ranging from “Appite for Distruction” to audio books and audio bible studies.

Have fun and keep a buck near.

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