Being Christian

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Finding Jesus is a magnificent thing. For once life has a real purpose and reason. There is something that finally brings true joy and happiness. Even though you didn’t realize it was there you suddenly find that your old emptiness is gone. And you can say with all honesty and truth “Praise the Lord”.

Everyone who accepts Jesus as Lord is considered to be a follower of Jesus Christ. So, when you are asked, “Are you a Christian?”, certainly you’re going to reply, “why yes, I am”. Now along with being know as ‘Christian’ there is responsibility. You need to know when you call yourself a Christian, you are representing the Jesus to the world. Ultimately it is not a church or even a ministry group you are representing, but Jesus Christ alone. So many Christians never grow to where they understand that they, we have to behave and live differently. Our lives don’t begin to change to conform to Christ. The truth is people are going to be people, if they see the opportunity to make themselves feel better about themselves, they will. People have a need to point fingers at someone else.  When it comes to religion, they convince themselves that “Christians are a bunch of hypocrites” and “why would I want to become like them” or “No way I’d ever be one of those ignorant fools”. . Understand what I’m trying to get at.

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The world loves other peoples dirty laundry. And the worse it is, the more they want to share it. Now, I am not saying I haven’t done the same. Before I accepted Christ I was one of the worst. To be painfully honest, I still struggle with that natural tendency . It seems we need to do point our finger at someone else, so that we can feel a little better about ourselves and not have to deal with who we really are. We are quick to judge others, but when it comes to ourselves, well we avoid it at all cost. Jesus said that we are to be his witnesses even to the ends of the earth. As such we are the ones the world see. You have to remember that people are always watching you. It’s not that they are actually waiting for you to slip up but they are watching your conduct. If those who are watching see a mild mannered, polite, easy going person that is kind and considerate then that’s what they’re going to see. But if they see a rude, nasty, foul mouthed, angry person then they are actually seeing an excuse.

It’s good to call yourself a Christian, but even better is for those who are watching your life to be able to say “Now that’s what a Christian should be”. That is what brings Glory to God. What you want people to see in is the good, the thing that God is changing you into . But even more important than what they see is, but who and what you are in Gods eyes is what is really going to matter. Here’s an example: I do alot of driving everyday at work. I see people with an ichthys, fish sign on their car. To me they’re advertising the fact that they are a Christian. What gets me is the way they drive. Speeding, cutting people off and so on. Now I’m sure that there’s people that don’t know the Lord yet, saying things like, “look at that maniac and he’s supposed to be a Christian?” Whoops, there goes another black eye for God.

Now you have to understand that while our brothers and sisters in Christ are hopefully full of grace and understand that we are truly a work in progress, I mean seriously until you were saved by Grace you were living just like everyone else. But again while those we go to church with, those we have bible study with are called to be full of love, faith, grace towards each other but the world, well Jesus himself said that because of Him they would hate us. But they are also the ones we are to be witnessing to. The Apostle Peter says this “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us”. Our actions and our words are our combined testamony of Christ in our live, of being Christian.
Luke 6:46-49 – Luke 14:26,27 & 33 – John 8:31-34 – John 13:34,35 – John 15:8.

May the Lord bless you and your house hold.

John Roche


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