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Studying the scriptures can sometimes be a daunting task when you are digging in to word study, imagery, traditions and historical backgrounds. Daunting but Rewarding.
There are several fantastic programs availible on the marked and you can spend hundreds of dollars on any one of them,,,,,, I did.
But if you are student, pastor or just a money contious follower of Christ you will be glad to know that there are several FREE, yes I said FREE! programs and websites to help you grow in your faith.
First and formost my favorite is E-Sword here you will find one of the largest and most extensive study tool availible, either for pay or for free. If there are not enough resources on the site proper then a simple web search for “e-sword addons” will dredge up literally hundreds of reader created studies and papers.
Next has to be Crosswire’s Sword Project also containing a plorithera of bibles, commentaries and additional writings.
Then there is the Online Bible which has many of the same features listed above.
Now in all honesty, my choice as to favorite has as much to do with appearance and personal taste as with volume of matereal availible, so check them all out and make your own choice.
Now for those who don’t want to add another program to their computer try one of the MANY websites dedicated to study of the Scriptures.
The Bible Gate Way is a great site with commentairies, dictionaries, illustrations and many other heplful tools. is ecellent for indepth studies via sermons and well written articles, as well as a collection of bible study tools.
Currently my favorite though is the Bible Studio which has just about everything you could want for study all in one location. And for Pastors and teachers they even have verses availible already set on backgrounds for powerpoint or handouts, simplifiing sermon prep greatly.

These are only a few of my favorites, I hope to add a list of links dedicated specifically to scripture study sites in the near future so keep cheching in.

May the Lord bless you and your household.

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