How to learn a lot quickly.

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By definition Kung Fu require effort to learn, advance and remember. But it doesn’t require hours and hours aday. If the average student would simply take the new movement they are learning and repeat it for a few reps, three or four times a day, at the end of a week you will have done more than 80 times, not including your traditional class practices and work-outs.

If you are able to (with out drawing much attention) try doing the movements when you enter the bathroom, if you have your own office, as you enter the office. Between the house and the car, going down your hallway at home, in front of the washing machine………. any place you have 20 seconds and no observers.
After a few days it will become a habit and your learning will explode..

Or you can keep telling yourself that you’ll have time later to do an entire workout and keep right on struggling with your practice…

Coincidentally, this works great when you are learning scriptures as well. I learned 1st Peter and John 1&2 this way.

May the Lord bless you and your household.


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