It’s a war you can win!

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What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you? Is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members? You lust and do not have; so you commit murder. You are envious and cannot obtain; so you fight and quarrel. You do not have because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures. You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.     James 4:1-4

WOW! Isn’t so true. Today we see churches splitting over everything from worship styles to carpet colors for a new building. Why? Because our old nature is still waring against the spirit. See just because you come to Christ and are washed clean of your sins doesn’t mean you are suddenly going to forget the habits, attitudes and behavior you lived in for all those years before.

I came to Christ in my late twenties. I had been a brawler, heavy drinker, and porn-adict (I started running porn movies for the local theater system when I was 15-years old, don’t let anyone tell you that stuff doesn’t affect your life and behavior. But that’s another blog entry). When I accepted Christ HE washed me clean from all of my sins (1 John 1:7), He does the exact same for you. He justified me, as he did you, he set me aside (1 Corinthians 6:11) for eternity sealing me with His Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 1:22) The only way to get rid of all of the garbage in our past, those habits, attitudes, and desires is to renew our minds and that requires effort on our part (Romans 12:2). God has protected and preserved His Word through time and assault for that very reason. When you read the Word and allow it’s truth to penetrate it changes you. See Jesus told His disciples in John 14:26 that the Holy Spirit would teach and remind them. That same Spirit was given to you and lives in you and when you now. We were not with Jesus 2000 years ago, unless you are REALLY OLD, but God gave us the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit draws on those words of life to change us, sanctify us and conform us to the likeness of Jesus (Romans 8:29).

The world seems to think choice is a reality in salvation but here is the true reality: if you have accepted Jesus and you choose not grow in Him by reading His Word and implementing it in your life then my friend you are still at war with God and you seriously need to evaluate your salvation. (James 4:4)

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