NEW EBOOK!! Killer Kettlebell Stance & Strength Training

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Well it’s all done but the compiling.
Finally after months of video work, photos and writing I have Killer Kettlebell Stance & Strength Training nearly completed.
In my other ebooks I focused on traditional strength training and stamina, this time I am taking kettlebells and putting them to work with a focus on the strengths that martial artists need.
Along with Kettlebells I have included how to use and even make a 25lb medicineball and a 60lb Ruck Sack. The last filming was completed on our first 100 degree day and nearly ended me…
However it made my oldest son’s day to watch dad “suck eggs”. Mean kid 😉
I have included several instructional video clips of exercises and photos of stance positions including how to hold the kettlebell to force your body to handle greater ballance and troque issues.
Work out schedules, exercises and training ideas are all included in this ebook.
And if you can’t afford to buy kettlebells I have included written instructions for building the same kettlebell handles that I use. They can handle more than 200lbs each and are infinately adjustable when it come to weight veriations.
Watch here or at my website for the release or my ebay page.
Purchasing Killer Kettlebells on eBay will save you $10 from the official website price of $29.95
John Roche

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