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I have a hard time sticking with one routine for more than a few weeks at a stretch. Yes that’s part of the reason I train alone, it tends to make lifting partners nuts. But in truth my routines change about once every 6 weeks which is good because of the stagnation and burnout factors.
So what have I been doing lately. Well a really fun routine.
A-1: Alternate DB Bench Press.
A-2: Chins
These exercises are done in an alternating fashion with each new set starting on the minute mark. In other words when you finish your last rep watch the clock, when the second hand hits 12:00 start the next set of the other exercise.
the target is to get 20 reps in four sets. I start with a weight that requires six or seven sets and try to increase the reps on atleast one set each workout. Once 4 sets is attained I increase the weight by 10% and start over again.
Take a five minute break and then do Deadlifts. You are shooting for 15-18 total reps within 3-sets. When you can do that increase the weight by 10% and work back down to three sets again.
Take a two minute break and do three sets of one arm kettlebell swings. Each set is 10 per side.
Stretch and relax.
B-1: Military Press
B-2: Renegade Rows
Use the same reps and set scheme as above. One note: on renegade rows and alternated press above one rep is counted when you have done one for the right and one for the left.
Take a five minute break and then do Front Squats. Your target is 20 reps in four sets. When you can do that increase the weight by 10%.
Take a two minute break and then do three sets of 10 one arm kettlebell swings. Again that is 10/side.
Tuesdays & Friday:
Each of the following is started on the minute as above.
Divebomber Push-ups
Hindu Squats
Explosive Push-ups (clapping push-ups)
Hack Squats
Jump Lunges
Hindu Push-ups
On your first day find out what your max is for each exercise. Divide that in half and use that number for your first weeks training. Each week there-after increase it by 2 – 4 reps.
Start off with three sets doing one after the other in circut training fashion, again starting each new exercise on the minute mark.
Wednesday & Saturday:
Ruck Sack Hike
I use 60lbs of sand in a standard military ruck. Check your starting time and start walking for a set distance say 2 miles. Whatever your time is the next time you hike try and reduce it by a few seconds. Continue to do so until you are nearly running and then increase the distance by half and start the timed walking all over again.
May the Lord bless you and your household.

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