Prevent Martial Arts Knee Problem

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Many martial arts students have knee problems later in life. This isn’t because the Martial Art is poorly designed or that Martial Arts should are bad for you. This is because most martial arts treat stance training as something that only basics student do. So just when the student need to be really building the strength of their knees they stop stance work and start doing highly demanding and stressful kicks and footwork. Stance work should be primary at all level of your training as it strengthens you tendons and muscles that support your knees and ankle during jump, spinning, twisting, and kicking.

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Training in the martial arts is important because if taught correctly it can help you to defend yourself and others against attackers. Martial arts are a matter of self-preservation and self-protection. But to be able to use your Martial Arts training for self-defense require long hours of training and a great number of repetitions. Simply being able to do martial arts moves and techniques is not enough when it comes to real life combat because adrenaline changes everything. It is very easy to forget the things you learned in such situations. This is why martial arts students train for so many hours and repeat each move and motion so many times. The goal is for the movements to be committed to muscle memory so that the techniques become instinctive rather than planned and thought out.

Of course the downside of all of this training is that it can take a huge toll on weak joints. This is especially true if the moves are practiced wrong or performed without proper preparation. Martial Artists puts a lot of emphasis on stretching for a reason. Now stretching may not be as fun or interesting as lifting weights or practicing punches and kicks but it is an important part of training. Many Martial Arts students do not stretch enough which takes a toll on their body in the form of torn muscles and over stressed tendons.

Martial Arts also places a lot of focus on footwork. Quick footwork is very integral to performing moves and defending against attacks. But again without an adequate strength base and sufficient strength to handle the rapid directional changes and sudden stops and start your knees will begin to acquire damage. Martial Arts are supposed to be a lifelong endeavor but many, many students end up giving up their training due to knee pain.

Is it possible to learn Martial Arts and to practice regularly without knee problems? Yes it most certainly is, but it will likely require the student to take the initiative to practice their stance work on their own. Again proper stance training when done consistently WILL protect your joints and save your body from the damage of torn ligament and tendons.

If you are not familiar with stance training or all you think of when you hear those words are painful minutes in a horse stance then I have a FREE eBook for you that I wrote several years ago called  Xtreem Stance Training! No charge, no obligation just download it and start building a protective fortress for your joints. The routines are fun and can be tailored to any training level ability. Use the stances you are familiar with and follow the training as I have it laid out.

Then let me know how it’s going.
May the Lord bless you and your house hold.
John Roche

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