Punching Through

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If you are a martial artist who does push ups, iether knuckle or palm, and would like to really increase your punching power then this is for you.

No, you don’t have to buy any special equiptment or apparatus. All you need is a good hard floor and a couple of face cloths.

Fold the face cloth in half and then in half again so you have a simple four layer square. Lay down on the floor in the push up position and place your fists on the cloths at your side. (Start with your fist in the supinated postion, that is palm towards the shoulder) No do your push up as if it were a double punch, making sure to rotate the fist to the pronated position and to slide your fists on the cloth towards your shoulder.

If the floor you are training on creates too much friction to allow rotation and slide of the cloth simply place a piece of wax paper between the cloth and floor.

In the begining this movement will require a lot of work from your shoulders and wrists but there will be great dividends paid out with diligent practice. Until you master the movements use the GTG (grease the groove) method of training. Do a few push ups several times a day every day. In the matter of a week you will be amazed at how much strength and power you will gain.

This method of doing pushups specifically targets the muscles used in punching plus you train the muscular and nerve pathways to move in the correct way. All of that translates into better, faster, stronger and more powerfull punches.

Play with hand positions and heights to really challange yourself.
May the Lord bless you and your household.

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