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"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

A truer statement has NEVER been spoken. If Christ be for you who can stand against you. These powerful words have sustained many a saint in times of struggle when they were facing what seemed to be insurmountable odds. This is our ‘go to’ verse when we are fighting the world and but even greater is this verse when we place it in the context of those verses that precede it.

See Paul is explaining to the church at Philippi that it doesn’t matter what his living circumstances because he has found THE SECRET FOR ALWAYS BEING CONTENT, let me say that again, there is a SECRET FOR ALWAYS BEING CONTENT and that is find your value, worth, direction, fulfillment in the hands of THE ONE TRUE GOD! See when things are don’t work like we think they should we instantly want to blame satan or start crying out ‘what did I do wrong Lord that you have allowed this to happen" when we should really be trusting that the creator of the Universe has a plan and maybe just maybe this is part of it. Say this after me "I am where I am because God wants me to do the good works He created for me HERE"!
Our prayers should be "Lord, thank you for being with me and being in control of ALL THINGS! Help me to minister where YOU HAVE PLACED ME to those YOU HAVE PLACED AROUND ME! " not ‘Oh God get me out of here!"

You are called, you are saved, you are sent, you are empowered to do His work.

May the Lord bless you and your house hold.

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