What’s up with Kung Fu?

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Kung Fu not only teaches you how to defend yourself, it is also a life-long fitness method and ultimately it is an exchange of cultures. Throughout the world there are many different names that is called by whether Gong Fu, Kung Fu, WuShu, Kuo Shu all of which are used to refer to the Chinese Martial Arts. While it shares many similarities with karate, tae kwan do, tong soo do, and kenpo such as punching, kicking and blocking there are many differences as well. Kung Fu is one of the most popular forms of martial arts – and also one of the oldest.

Under the single heading of Kung Fu, there are many styles, systems and variation though those associated with the Shaolin Temple are the most popular and widely recognized. The Chinese martial arts however were around long before they became associated with the Shaolin Temple.

A vast majority of martial arts enthusiasts feel that self defense is the ultimate goal of any martial art, including Kung Fu. While self defense is one aspect of Kung Fu, the martial art is so much more than just fighting and defense – it is a true art, one that develops the mind as-well-as the body.

Kung Fu not only teaches students to overcome others, when taught correctly it also teaches students to look within themselves to understand their own emotions, feeling, and reactions. While Kung Fu can sometimes appear sharp, sudden, explosive and abrupt it also helps one to learn how to come into better harmony with conflicts around them. If a student finds himself in a situation that threatens bodily harm, then he must decide whether to take physical actions or determine if it is possible to reason through and avoid physical combat.

Kung Fu is a martial art that can be learned by anyone. Like any other martial art a strong desire is required if you endeavor to learn kung fu. Kung Fu has a rich heritage, and a proud legacy allows you to learn much about the Chinese culture. It is also a very devastating martial art that can, when used correctly protect your life and the lives of those you love. Many Kung Fu styles draw their movements and attitudes from the infamous five animals – Tiger, Dragon, Eagle Claw, Crane, and the Snake.

Adapted from the animals that they are named after, the Five Animals Styles are some of the most impressive of the martial arts. Tiger Claw tends to be the most aggressive and ferocious of the five animals. It teaches students to attack and strike with the aggressiveness of the dreaded tiger. This style teaches the student to use powerful hands movements, so that when he strikes, it is powerful and explosive.

Then there are styles that use the movements of the Dragon for a foundation. While the dragon is seen as a symbol of power it’s movements are typically demonstrated by twisting circularity, sweeping low movements that seem to sudden uncoil into explosive attacks. The dragon is energetic and highly dynamic in attitude and action.

Unlike other martial arts, it is still difficult to find tournaments dedicated to Kung Fu. Stylists can still compete it other martial arts competitions, even though they aren’t specifically for Kung Fu. Over the years I have competed in Karate tournaments in Kansas & Missouri and placed fairly well. No matter what style you are practicing though the greatest part of all tournaments is the comradery among competitors.

Kung Fu as with most martial arts strives to teach respect, honorable actions, harmony of the spirit, and total self control under all circumstances. When all of these characteristics are brought together it allows students to achieve success in a hard to deal with society. Kung Fu is about developing the total student, physically, mentally, emotionally. Yes it requires dedication, sacrifice and deep down determination but the benefits are far beyond the expenditure.

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May the Lord bless you hand your house hold.



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