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I am taking a 3 week break from the 5×5 lifting routine I have been training with of late and trying out the X-adaptation program.
X-adaptation is a system designed by Oliver Wolter. The workouts are short a intense, starting from the first exercise which is done in SUPER SLOW motion and ends with a 15 second static contraction on the last exercise.
Each muscle group is gets three sets without without a break. While it take a few workouts to get the super/slow set timing correct (60 seconds up/60 seconds down), the workouts only take about 20 minutes total, so you can be in and out of the gym in no time.
If you need regular days each week to train you WILL not like Wolter’s routine as the number of rest day vary each week.
I loved the pump I acheived using the system and plan to use it as my fallback routine.
If you are looking for a real change you can sign up for the short email course at http://www.e-size.com . Once there you can download the initial pdf with week one and the general routine outline after that you will get an email the day before each of the next 5 workouts.
I am not receiving any commission or kickbacks for this recommendation, I just think it’s worth a few weeks if you want a change and some fun.
May the Lord bless you and your household.

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