Leaving Tracks

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I love old books, especially old bibles. My eldest son found an old pocket New Testament at a garage for a quarter and gave it to me for my birthday. It was the greatest gift I was blessed to receive that year.
It wasn’t that the bible was published in 1918, the second year the American Bible Society distributed bibles and the last year of WWI and so was a war bible that made the book so precious to me. It was the combination of my son thinking of me while he could have spent the money on himself and that the bible is marked with the journey of not one but two different people’s spiritual journey.
Simple initials & X’s tell of the reading path for both men (brothers who shared the Good News). The book screams “YOU ARE NOT ALONE, SOMEONE HAS BEEN HERE BEFORE“. Haven’t you ever longed for that knowledge, that simple kinship…. brother, you’re not alone I have been right where you are standing and I know what you are feeling…. you are not alone.

Mark your journey, not just with the people you touch for the Kingdom as you walk your daily walk, but mark your place, leave your thoughts, your hopes, your prayers so that one day someone who may be searching the used book bin, or estate auction or garage sale might find the bread crumbs of your journey.

At the other end of the spectrum is a beautiful bible I purchased from an estate sale. It was in near new condition dispite being over a century old. The binding wasn’t even broken. Four generations could have left a simple jot or tiddle and yet, nothing. Not a pencil mark or dog ear.
The bible is a jewel and yet so sad a testimony.

Leave a trail for others to follow.
May the Lord bless you and your household.

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